Troncones is located about 280 kms north of Acapulco, about 35 kms (+/-25 minutes) north of the twin resorts of Zihuatanejo & Ixtapa and the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa International Airport. Transportation from the airport can be easily pre-arranged with the various lodging establishments at Troncones.


This spot is located off a point, with incredible, never-ending lefts; appropriately, it's locally known as "The Wave Machine." It's a long paddle, but a long ride. La Saladita is about 20 minutes drive from Troncones.
The Ranch: This area has hard, fast lefts and rights off a point. It's accessible by car and panga (guided surf boat); the drive is north just over an hour, the boat ride is about one-half hour (the boat will stop at La Saladita on the return).
This is a left-point break off a rocky stretch. Depth is about 6-10 feet at different points in the line-up and gets shallower in moderate range to the beach. There are some hazards to be aware of, so initial guidance from a seasoned rider would probably be helpful.
This is a river mouth north of the Club that boasts great lefts and rights during the High Season (Nov. - Mar). La Boca is accessible by foot or 4x4; walking, follow the sandy beach about a half-mile past the Majahua Palms Resort; driving, 4x4 down the beach past the village of Majahua.

This Troncones portal offers a complete Directory and Travel Guide, including Accommodations, Activities, Restaurants, surfing and tips on some of the best "secret" Surfing beach's in Mexico. The area boasts many great surf spots known to surfers worldwide. The great thing about this variety is there's good surfing somewhere along the coast in every season.

Troncones offers many miles of beautiful, unspoiled, golden sand beaches. Stroll, the virgin clean beach's and go barefoot in the surf where flocks of pelicans skim the crests of the waves and endangered sea turtles lay their eggs in the warm sand. Relax in the abundant tidal pools.

Troncones is "the real Mexico". Discover the beach extolled in Frommers Guide, Lonely Planet, Travel and Leisure, Pacific Mexico Handbook, Fodor's 99, Bride's Magazine, AAA's Motorland Magazine, Hidden Beaches of Mexico, and many others.

Troncones is home to about 500 people who make their living mainly from the sea. Guided village walking tours are available from the Tropic of Cancer for a closer look at the schools, church, cemetery and the local way of life. All locations are within easy walking distance from each other.

Several small convenience stores offer basic necessities, and Troncones now boasts a fruit and vegetable stand in the village! The beer and soft drink trucks come by nearly every day, and you can buy all you need!

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